If we look at our current education system, we see that our education system mainly focuses on the development of the left brain, i.e. the analytical, logical brain and no or little attention is paid on the creative side of the brain i.e. right brain. The creativity, imagination, intuition & the perceptiveness is equally important for the all round development of the kids.

Memory Enhancement Program is all about training kid’s whole Brain development.

It is our responsibility as parents and educators to help kids to become the driving force that will change their world.

Because of our Left Brained education philosophy we find that now a days every kid thinks logically, instantly reacts to present unfavorable conditions or situation, would take a flight mode where endurance is tested and take a fight mode where patience is required. This is also because the left brain reacts with the past experience and a security concern appears of the future.

Unlike the right brain which would help the kid visualize the outcome of a situation holistically instead of logically and help taking a discussion of fight or flight based on feelings and outcome in present tense.

Such conditions reflect that we people use only 5 to 10% of our whole brain. 

If we could use more than 20 to 50% of our brain, then just think of the result. Think about the future generation. 

So to make better future of our kids we have developed a unique program i.e. Memory Enhancement Program which focuses on all round development of kids. By attending Memory Enhancement Program one can acquire a memory that will allow him to never forget whatever he has seen or heard once…

Children who attend the Memory Enhancement Program, show unbelievable hidden potentials. The actual benefits of the workshop can be observed after first 30 days of the workshop and the children will have different degrees of improvement in the following areas, which are of importance in their academic & adult life.

The benefits of Memory Enhancement Program (MEP)

  • High level of Confidence Boost.  
  • Freedom from Fears & Phobias.  
  • Developing photographic memory.  
  • Developing Speed Reading.  
  • Developing Self Assessment & Self Study.  
  • Improved Concentration.  
  • Enhanced Ability to Learn new things.  
  • Enhanced Creativity.  
  • Improved Memory.  
  • Better Communication at all levels.  
  • Harmonizing with the environment.  
  • Enhanced problem solving ability.  
  • Emotional management.  
  • Improved Health